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Zangwill Letters Presented to Hebrew University Library

A batch of letters written by Israel Zangwill during October and November 1905, when the Jewish Territorial Organization was formed, were presented to the Hebrew University library in Jerusalem by Isaac Carmel of Cleveland, who, during this period, was in England, was active in the Zionist movement, and was one of the supporters of the movement led by Mr. Zangwill.

Mr. Carmel also dispatched a letter addressed to him, written by hand, by the late Jacob Moser of Bradford, England, who was once Lord Mayor of Bradford, and who made possible the erection of the Herzlia Gymnasia in Tel Aviv, Palestine. Mr. Moser had also built the Herzl-Moser Institute, and also a Jewish hospital in Leeds, England. Mr. Moser’s letter was addressed to Mr. Carmel, dated January 1920, in response to greetings extended to him by Mr. Carmel, on the occasion of his eightieth birthday. In this letter, the noted philanthropist claims as the greatest achievement of his life his having made possible the establishment of the first Hebrew high school in the world, in memory of the founder of Zionism, Dr. Theodor Herzl.