Praises J.t.a.’s Handling of Reply to Dr. Rongy
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Praises J.t.a.’s Handling of Reply to Dr. Rongy

Editor, Jewish Daily Bulletin:

The publication by you in the Jewish Daily Bulletin of the article entitled “Rabbi Cohen Raps Rongy’s Claim That Charge of Bias to Jewish Medical Students Unwarranted” has already evoked a reaction from readers which indicates that the response was justified. The original interview of Dr. A. J. Rongy appeared in the Jewish Tribune of a few weeks ago; the complete response thereto was published in the current issue of the Jewish Tribune.

The Jewish Tribune performed a helpful service in bringing this question under active public consideration. The gratitude of the Jewish public is due to the Jewish Tribune for its open handling of the question and to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency for its distribution of the text of the reply to its great body of readers throughout the Jewish world.

Rabbi J. X. Cohen.