Ex-governor of Michigan Favors Mosaic Laws for U.S.
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Ex-governor of Michigan Favors Mosaic Laws for U.S.

The Mosaic laws are an advance over existing rules. This is the opinion of former Governor S. Osborn of Michigan, who opposes Senator James Couzens for the seat in the United States Senate.

Addressing the Turover Mutual Aid Society, Mr. Osborn paid tribute to Jewish ethics. “Have the present laws as clear cut as the Talmudic laws and you will see an advance in modern society,” he said. “The Mosaic laws are just. They provide a reapportionment of property every 50 years.”

Former Governor Osborn paid high tribute to Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis whom he characterized as one of the greatest jurists in the history of the nation. He eloquently outlined what he called the just decisions of Brandeis, who, he said, showed a humanizing sympathy in his interpretation of law.

Mr. Osborn is reputed to be among the best informed non-Jews in the country on matters Jewish. He has traveled widely and has visited for a considerable length of time in Palestine.