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Anti-semites Break Up Jewish Meeting in Galatz; Agitators Demand Release of 2 Leaders

The Jewish community of Galatz was thrown into a panic today when anti-Semitic students broke up a meeting of Jews at which Prof. Constantin Stere, former member of the Peasant Party and one of the leading liberals of Roumania, was discussing the future of the Jews of Rou-mania. The students invaded the meeting hall and prevented Professor Stere from continuing with his address. The recrudescence, of anti-Semitism in the presence of so distinguished a visitor frightened the Jews. The police were called in and arrested five of the disturbers.

The release of the anti-Semitic leaders, Zelea Codreanu, Nicolai Totu and Carol Danila, has had the expected result in new threats of anti-Semitic trouble. Codreanu and Totu with a band of their followers yesterday called upon the state attorney in Marmoresh Szighet and demanded the release of Fathers Berindei and Dumitrescu, the only two important anti-Semitic agitators still under arrest. Fearing trouble the authorities forbade any assembly or demonstration. The anti-Semites then left for Borscha.