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National Socialists Get Aid from Prussian Ex-nobility

The anti-Semitic National Socialists (Fascists) are being openly supported in their election campaign by many of the most prominent members of the former Prussian nobility, including two sons of the ex-Kaiser. The latest to join the ranks of the Hitlerites is the former Crown Prince Wilhelm. His brother, August Wilhelm, who after the Revolution accepted the hospitality of a Jewish family, is now a fierce anti-Semite and one of the pillars of the Hitlerite movement.

Others who have lent themselves to the campaign of the National Socialists are the former Duke of Coburg-Gotha, ex-Prince Schaumburg-Lippe and the former Princess Reuss who are financing the Hitlerite campaign. The open anti-Semitism of the Hitlerites was again demonstrated today when automobiles carrying caricatures of Jews and with Hitlerites shouting, “Death to the Jews,” sped through the West End section of Berlin.