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Detroit Vaad Hair Warns Schochtim

The Vaad Hair, federation of Orthodox congregations, has called a mass meeting for Sunday, Sept. 28, at the B’nai Moshe Synagogue for the purpose of discussing the kashruth question.

It is stated by officers of the Vaad Hair that an ultimatum will be issued to schochtim either to obey the edicts of the Vaad Hair and Vaad Horabonim, or their religious mandates will be taken from them. Two of the edicts to the schochtim order them, according to Jewish law, not to dress chickens and to have a stamp selected by the rabbis showing the time the chickens were slaughtered. The schochtim maintain that they are compelled to dress chickens for their livelihood, and the question will be thrashed out at the meeting on Sept. 28.