Disprove Charge Rothschilds Financing Starhemberg, Head of Anti-semitic Heimwehr
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Disprove Charge Rothschilds Financing Starhemberg, Head of Anti-semitic Heimwehr

The allegation of Dr. Robert Dannenberg, Austrian-Jewish Socialist leader and president of the Vienna landtag, at today’s session of the landtag, that the Rothschild bank here has lent money to Prince Ernest von Starhemberg, leader of the Heimwehr and minister of the interior, is disproved by an investigation made by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Dr. Dannenberg had charged that the Rothschild bank was aiding Starhemberg’s campaign and emphasized that the wealthy Jews care more for class than for race. This is a repetition of a statement made by Dr. Dannenberg on his recent visit to the United States when he said that the wealthy Austrian Jews and industrialists seem to prefer the protection of their class rather than their race.

The investigation made by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency established that the house of Rothschild never directly or indirectly financed the anti-Semitic parties or even individual politicians. It is possible, however, that the Austrian Credit Bank, controlled by the Rothschilds, sometimes discounted Starhemberg’s bills, a proper banking transaction done by any bank when the bills are trustworthy, but not done from any political motives. According to law the bank employees are even required to accept such bills.

Therefore Dr. Dannenberg’s statement in the landtag is not based on facts and is believed to be intended merely to draw the name of the Rothschild into the election fight.

Some weeks ago, M. Zangl, president of the Austrian Landowners’ Association, revealed that Baron Louis de Rothschild, head of the house of Rothschild in Austria, had declined an offer from the former Heimwehr leader, Major Waldemar Pabst, to finance an anti-Socialist coup d’etat in Austria.