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Jews of Poland to Vote for Five Tickets As United Zionist of Jewish Bloc Efforts Fail

All endeavors to create either a united Zionist bloc or a united Jewish bloc for the forthcoming parliamentary elections have definitely failed and the Jews of Poland will be voting for five different Jewish tickets or for the non-Jewish tickets. There are thirteen groups competing for the votes of the Polish electorate, five of them Jewish, according to the final lists confirmed today by the government election commission.

The five Jewish tickets are the so-called united Zionist bloc which includes the General Zionists, the Hitachduth, non-Socialist Zionist labor party, and the Mizrachi, Orthodox Zionist party; the united list of the Agudath Israel, merchants, small traders and artisans; the Jewish Socialists and independent Socialists; the Left Poale Zion; and now the East Galacian Zionists have named a ticket of their own.

Thus is created the situation of the Jews having failed to establish not only a united Jewish bloc but even a united Zionist bloc.