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Young Israel to Make Plea for Jobs for Sabbath Observers

In accordance with past custom, Tuesday, October 14, the eighth day of Succoth, has been set aside as “Appeal Day” by the Council of Young Israel Employment Bureau in aid of the unemployed Jewish young men and women Sabbath-observers. Because of the critical situation among the unemployed, particularly among those who are Jewish Sabbath-observers, the Council of Young Israel Employment Bureau for Sabbath-observers intends to appeal through the pulpits to every Jewish employer and businessman to do everything possible to create Sabbath-observing positions for those men and women, young and old, who are Sabbath-observers.

Strict adherents to the Jewish Sabbath, thousands of young men and women between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one, are finding it increasingly difficult to get employment. Of 10,000 who sought work during the past year only 1,000 were placed in Sabbath-observing jobs. The Sabbath-observing field is not large enough to supply the demand. The appeal will therefore also be directed to non-Sabbath-observing employers. With practically no loss to themselves they can make it possible to employ Sabbath-observers in their own business.