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Forward Chief, Calls Labor Party to Account for Breaking Faith with Jews

scapegoat for all its difficulties, it was natural for a Czarist government. But how is such an attitude appropriate to liberal, just England? And with a bleeding heart I must ask: How can a Labor Party issue such a policy?


“In the present tragedy of England our comrades there have, it seems, lost their ordinary coolness, common sense and deep Socialist sense of justice. They believe that the decision which they have made is in the interests of their country, of their people,. We, the Jewish Socialists, can only have one standpoint in this sad moment. We must stand by our people, the Jewish people.

“We demand our rights in Palestine. We demand that England should keep its word and not break its solemn vow.

“Let us hope that the League of Nations will have sufficient courage to fulfill its duty. Palestine doesn’t belong to England. She was entrusted with it according to a definite mandate and with the clear understanding that Jews in Palestine should have a home, with no less rights than the Arabs.

“Let us hope that the League of Nations will reject the decision of the Colonial Office and demand of England that it fulfill its contract.

“On this question there can be no difference of opinion among Jews.”