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London Times Reports U.S. Jews Unanimous in Resenting British Statement on Palestine

Reports to the London Times from New York point out that the British government statement on Palestine has stirred American Jewry to a pitch of resentment and bitterness against the British government scarcely reached even at the time of last year’s Palestine riots.

“There is indeed reason to believe,” the Times correspondent continues, “that the opposition of multifarious Jewish organizations in the United States to the British government’s policy will prove more coherent, vigorous and uncompromising than it has ever been before. The lines along which further action is to be taken were worked out today by the various representatives of Jewish organizations working in a degree of unanimity rare among the Jews in this country.”

One Jewish leader in America, the Times’ correspondent adds, declared that an anti-British movement will be created in the United States which will be more widespread, more powerful and more dangerous for Great Britain than the Sinn Fein was in the height of its political power.