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Says British Palestine Plan Question for League; Whole Mandate System Involved

A suggestion that Great Britain’s new Palestine policy be brought up before the International Court at the Hague since the conflict is not between the Zionist Organization and the British government but involves the entire Mandates question was made here today by Senator Justin Godard, former member of the French cabinet and now president of the French-Palestine Committee.

Senator Godard pointed out that the entire Mandates question was involved because the other powers that signed the San Remo agreement allocating Mandates in 1920 are interested. The French statesman charged that England is taking its “revenge for the blame inflicted upon her by the League of Nations.

“Britain now disavows the Balfour Declaration which is perhaps one of the noblest pages of its history and is trying to disclaim its obligations under the Mandate. The conflict which occurred in connection with last year’s outrages was not between the Zionist Organization and Great Britain but between the League of Nations and the signatories to the San Remo agreement which necessitates, upon the violation of a Mandate, bringing the matter up before the International Court at the Hague.

“I had the opportunity to see for myself the Jewish work in Palestine and it is a painful irony to see the Labor Government stand against the most prodigious effort of a modern state to return to the land from which it was turned away by the force of persecutions. It is not a question of the Zionist Organization but entirely a matter of the Mandate,” he said.