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Inclusion of Trans-jordania in Arab Federation Discussed

The inclusion of the Trans-Jordan territory into a contemplated federation of Arab states is a highly important factor in discussion now going on among Arab potentates, according to information given a Basra correspondent by Nuri Pasha, premier in the Iraq, it was reported today.

While the inclusion of the Hedjaz is a comparatively unimportant element in the proposed Arab federation, except in that it would preserve peaceful frontier conditions, the inclusion of Trans-Jordania is held valuable in view of the proposed Haifa-Bagdad railway and of the oil pipe line that is to reach from the Mosul fields to Haifa.

Britain would be an “ally” of the Arab Federation, the Premier declared, according to the present plans of the Arabs chiefs. Negotiations have also been going on between Feisal and Ibn Saud since February in regard to the participation of Trans-Jordania, where this matter, amongst others, is being discussed.