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Landsteiner, Nobel Prize Winner, Left Vienna Because of Anti-semitism, Austrian Papers Say

The Austrian press in commenting on the ward of the Nobel Prize for medicine to Dr. Karl Landsteiner of the Rockefeller Institute in New York, today reveals that while the University of Vienna is now joining in honoring Dr. Landsteiner, who was pathologist for the university from 1909 to 1919, the same institution for many years prevented him from becoming a professor because he was the son of a poor Jewish journalist.

This resulted in his leaving his native Austria for the United States. The papers simultaneously report that the University of Vienna’s anti-Semitic policy also prevented Dr. Bela Schick, now of New York, from becoming a full-fledged professor. Other famous Jewish scientists such as Kraus, Freud, and Ziele remained at the University as a protest despite the fact they too were not admitted to full professorships.

The papers also recall that in his youth Dr. Landsteiner was a victim of poverty and anti-Semitism.