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Jewish Students Decline to Return to Classes Until Protection is Guaranteed

Austrian Jewish students attending the World Commerce College here today refused to return to their classes because the college authorities have declined to guarantee their protection against a recurrence of the anti-Semitic attacks of Monday. Foreign Jewish students at the College today appealed to their respective diplomatic representatives for protection.

The Jewish students declined to return to their classes because the school authorities were not willing to agree to call in the police in the event of further trouble. The Jewish students said they could not remain in their classes so long as they were likely to be beaten daily by an overwhelming majority.

Meanwhile the nationalist students who were responsible for the anti-Semitic attacks have yielded to the appeals of officials of the ministry of education and the college authorities and agreed to maintain order in order not to damage Austria’s reputation abroad. The disorders began when the nationalist students ousted their Jewish classmates and injured a number of them in the clash that followed. The nationalists had demanded the right to be the sole official representatives of all students, thus barring the Jewish students. When this demand was rejected the attacks began.