Rothschild Loan to Hungary Endangered by Bethlen
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Rothschild Loan to Hungary Endangered by Bethlen

I am a Hungarian patriot and all I want is equal citizenship rights.”

Sandor demanded to know whether Goemboes was the leader of Hungarian politics and whether his opinion was also that of the government. To this Chancellor Bethlen replied that the members of the cabinet differ on this question. This diplomatic answer caused another outburst. The Jewish deputy, Dr. Brody, then asked why the heroes’ roll does not even include those Jews who had fallen in defense of Hungary’s liberty. “Are these fallen Jews also suspected of Communism?” he asked.

The Chancellor promised to remedy this part of the situation but Deputy Sandor rejected the offer to honor only the dead Jewish war heroes. “The position in which the Premier withdraws his previous assurances regarding the Jewish policy can no longer continue,” Deputy Sandor warned.

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