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Reform Jews Win in Berlin Kehillah Elections

The Reform Jews of Berlin emerged completely victorious in the elections for the local Jewish Kehillah which took place yesterday. The Reform Jews received an absolute majority over all parties, defeating the Zionists who had wrested control of the Berlin Kehillah from them four years ago. Up to 1926 the Reform Jews had been in continuous control of the Berlin Kehillah for over a century.

They polled 41,000 votes yesterday and elected 24 representatives on the Kehillah Council. The Zionist “Volkspartei” polled 26,000 votes and elected 15 representatives. The Poale-Zion, the Middle Party and the other parties elected one representative each. The Orthodox party, which was once a power in the Kehillah, was completely routed, not being able to elect its one candidate, the famous Dr. Nathan Birnbaum. Other factions which were defeated were the “German” party, which is hostile to East-European Jews, and two lists of East-European Jews.