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Reveal Details for Hitlerite Pogrom to Still Trouble in Ranks of National Socialists

The details of a plan for a pogrom on the Jews of Germany in the near future were disclosed today by the Welt Am Abend, Communist organ. A complete plan of action has been prepared by the Hitlerites, the Communist paper alleges.

The paper asserts that at a recent meeting of the central executive committee of the National Socialist party it was decided to divert the internal dissatisfaction in the party towards the Jews by means of a number of apparently spontaneous attacks. At the Munich conference many Nazis leaders voiced the impatience of their followers at the delay in the party’s taking over the government.

To allay this impatience which has been creating a rift in the Hitlerite ranks, a detailed plan of pogroms has been adopted, the Welt Am Abend states. The leaders have ordered various Nazis divisions to select for pogrom purposes reliable members who would not disclose that they were acting on party orders if they should be arrested. To mislead the government the Nazis leaders will tell the government of their intention to maintain order and will offer a number of their members as emergency police, the Communist paper says.