Vaad Leumi, Agency Deplore Ness Ziona Labor Disorders
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Vaad Leumi, Agency Deplore Ness Ziona Labor Disorders

Disorder on the part of unemployed Jewish workers at Ness Ziona was deplored in a joint statement issued today by the executives of the Vaad Leumi and the Jewish Agency. The statement declares that a repetition of the disorders must not be permitted under any circumstances and appeals to the public, and especially to organized labor, to oppose such acts.

Meanwhile a statement of the Ness Ziona workers points out that the cost of the British police now quartered at the expense of the Ness Ziona colonists is equivalent to wages for a dozen days work. The workers’ statement says that repressive measures cannot silence “starving labor and the acute question demands immediate solution.”

The colonists and organized labor have been at odds for several weeks now, labor demanding the employment of more Jews in the orange groves and the planters insisting on a reduction in the daily wage scale.

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