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Asefat Hanivcharim Candidates Queried on Their Stand on Brith Shalom’s Arab Cooperation Plan

Every candidate for the Asefat Hanivcharim, the Jewish National elected Assembly, was circularized today by the Brith Shalom, the society that has been actively propagating measures for peace with the Arabs, regarding his stand on the society’s program for cooperation with the Arabs.

The candidates were asked whether they are prepared to propose that the Assembly work out a detailed policy on Arab questions, whether they accept a bi-racial state as the constitutional basis for Palestine wherein Jews and Arabs would have identical rights regardless of numbers, whether they favor participation in the proposed legislative council provided the Jewish National Home is adequately guaranteed, whether they agree to the employment of a fair number of Arab workmen on Jewish enterprises and vice versa on a fair wage scale making no differentiation between Jew and Arab, whether they favor mixed trade unions, economic institutions, chambers of commerce, cooperative societies, clubs and welfare organizations, whether they are prepared to press the government to devise a scheme for agricultural development, what methods the candidates suggest for resettling Arab tenants and squatters and whether they would support an Arab-Jewish roundtable conference.