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Roumanian Students Apologize for Attack on General’s House

A delegation of anti-Semitic students called on General Mardarescu today to apologize for the attack on his house Tuesday night during the students’ demonstration. The students explained that the demonstration was not directed against him but against a Jewish dentist living in the same house.

In connection with this apology, the Adevarul says that the students are becoming a real menace to every Roumanian citizen, and adds that citizens must arm themselves since even Christians are not safe because they may be mistaken for Jews. Earlier in the week a Christian electrician was badly hurt when attacked by students under the impression that he was a Jew.

The entire Bucharest press is similarly wrought up over the students’ lawlessness, the papers demanding that stern measures be taken to protect the populace and stiff punishment be meted out to the students or else public order is permanently threatened.