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Jewish Factories in Ukraine Declared Near Collapse Due to Lack of Materials

The campaign for the elimination of bureaucracy, and the ills of delay and incompetence which it has brought into Soviet industries, found echo from the Jewish section of the population here today in a leading article in the publication Emes. The campaign against bureaucracy is given renewed vigor with the appointment of Molotov as chairman of the Soviet Narkom.

Emes, in a long article, details the “state of chaos” in a number of industries in the leading cities in the Ukraine, where Jewish artels of shoemakers, textile workers, and tinners are on the verge of collapse due to lack of raw materials. Special trade committees were charged with the task of supplying these materials at wholesale for the workers. They failed to secure the supplies. The cities hardest hit, according to Emes, are Kiev, Priluki, Mogoliev, and Rakitna. “The crisis is primarily due to the inexperience of the committees,” says Emes. “Nevertheless, this is no excuse.”