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Death of Professor Leon Kroll Prominent Member of Old Russian Liberal Party and Former Head of Anti-

Professor Leon M. Kroll, a prominent member of the old Russian Cadet (Liberal) Party, and one of the closest political associates of its leader, Professor Paul Miliukov, who after the first. Revolution was Foreign Minister under Kerenski, has died here to-day at the age of 62.

Professor Kroll was a member of the Russian Constituent Assembly. In 1918 he was arrested and expelled from the country by Admiral Koltschak, the head of the white Forces, and he came to Paris, where he remained as a permanent resident. He was at one time the head of the anti-Bolshevist Government formed at Ekaterinburg.

Professor Kroll continued to follow with interest the developments in Jewish and general life in Russia and he contributed articles dealing with them to various papers, including the Yiddish monthly “Zukunft” in New York. He recently published an article there on the prospect of Jewish land settlement in France.