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Jewish Organisations in Vienna Ask Author Ities to Prohibit “all Quiet” Film in Jewish Districts Les

Various Jewish organisations here have made representations to the authorities here asking them to prohibit the “All Quiet” film in the Jewish parts of the city, lest it should lead to pogroms.

They have taken this step because the Hackenkreuzler have announced that when “All Quiet” is produced, as arranged, tomorrow (Tuesday) in the cinemas of the Leopoldstadt district, the Jewish district of Vienna, they will concentrate their attacks there, so that they will take the character of purely antisemitic demonstrations. The Jewish organisations ask that if the film is to be played in Vienna, the performances should be confined to the more purely labour districts, where the labour organisations are more able to resist attack.

Police headquarters have sent in a report to the Government, warning it that the playing of “All Quiet” puts the city into a state of constant disturbance, involving immense expenditure in keeping a big force of police always ready in case of outbreaks.

It is expected that the police will prohibit all further performances of the talkie, but it is suggested that Herr Seitz, the Socialist Mayor of Vienna and Governor of Vienna State, will override the police orders and cancel the prohibition.