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Galician and Russian Jews Are Usurers and Are to Blame for Roumanian Disturbances Which Anyhow Exagg

Roumania has two classes of Jews, the Sephardim, who have lived in Roumania for the past two thousand years and are interested in the welfare of the State and the Galician and Russian Jews, who are usurers and are to blame for the disturbances in the country, King Carol is alleged to have declared in an interview with him which is being circulated here by the German World Press Service of Hanover.

Roumania is not antisemitic, the King is further alleged to have declared to the interviewer, but it has been incited by Jewish propaganda. The Jews put the blame for their misfortunes on the Roumanian people. The events of last summer, for instance, were greatly exaggerated in the foreign press.

There is nothing in the interview to show whether it is authentic, and whether the statements attributed to the King were actually made by him.