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Opposition of Palestine Jewish Elected Assembly: 32 Labour Seats 15 Revisionists Four General Zionis

The complete results of the elections to the Palestine Jewish Assembly (Assefath Hanivcharim) have just been officially announced as follows:

Labour, including Sephardic workers, 32 seats; Revisionists, including the Sephardic Revisionists, 15 seats; Sephardim 6, Mizrachi 5, General Zionists 4, Women 3, Yemenites 3, Left Pcale Zion 1, Borochov List (Right Poale Zion) 1, and Shomer Hazair 1, making a total of 71 seats.

Of the total of 89,590 persons entitled to vote in the elections to the Assembly, 56 per cent. numbering 50,402, went to the polls – 41,824 were Ashkenazim, 6,102 Sephardim and 1,515 Yemenites.

The four General Zionists who have been elected to the Assembly are Mr. Mr. M. Ussischkin, Mr. Mayer Dizengoff, Dr. Ben Teon Mossinsohn, and Mr. Eliahu Berlin.