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Algerian Antisemitic Paper Continues Furious Anti-jewish Campaign After Death of Its Founder-editor

Expel all immigrant Jews, the “Petit Oranais”, the Algerian daily published in Oran, which was founded and owned and edited by Deputy Molle, the Mayor of Oran, who died suddenly last week, writes, continuing the violently antisemitic policy of its founder.

We demand drastic measures, it says, to put a stop to the Jewish question in French North Africa. We want our frontiers closed against Jews. We do not want Jews to be given naturalisation. No Jew ought to be allowed to call himself a Frenchman. We demand further a complete economic boycott against Jews in all branches of trade, the enforcement of a numerus clausus in the universities and schools and the exclusion of Jews from all scientific bodies, sports societies and other organisations and institutions. We regard the Jews as a minority nationality, alien to the French people. We demand the confiscation of Jewish property as a means of restoring to the French people the millions which were stolen from it by Jewish bankers and swindlers, by means of speculation and fraud, before, during and after the war.