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Perish Judea!: Hitlerist Battlecry and Swastika Emblem of Antisemisemitic Movement Emblazoned on Por

“Perish Judea!” the battlecry of the Hitlerist movement and the Swastika, the emblem of antisemitism, have been found chiselled out on the entrance door of the Reichstag, the German Federal Parliament.

A reward is being offered by the police for the detection of the culprits.

The Swastika accompanied by inscriptions like “Hail Hitler! Perish Judea!” and sometimes by a picture of a Jew dangling from a gallows are frequently found painted on synagogue buildings, on private Jewish houses, and especially on tombstones in Jewish cemeteries. At Trebnitz, near Breslau, where the Jewish cemetery was desecrated about a month ago, the swastika was found painted on the fragments of the tombstones that the vandals had smashed, and “Hail Hitler! Perish Judea!” and the picture of a Jew on the gallows were painted on the walls of the cemetery chapel.

Sometimes the culprits are caught, and not long ago a member of the Hitlerist Party named Basseler was sent to prison for the synagogue at Duesseldorff.

In the recent Hitlerist demonstrations against the “All Quiet” film in Berlin, the mob went about shouting “Perish Judea!”; “Hang the Jews from the lamp-posts”.