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Shackling Jews Not Needed for Promotion of Arab Well-being Professor Elwood Mead Unitel States Commi

Shackling the Jews is not needed for the promotion of Arab well-being, Professor Elwood Mead, United States Commissioner of Reclamation, who was a member of the Joint Palestine Survey Commission, said in a statement to the Jewish National Fund Conference now meeting here.

On the contrary, he declared, it is directly in opposition to Arab economic progress. The reason for suspending Jewish development is really a tribute to Jewish success, he went on. If the British Government wishes to create Arab settlements like Jewish settlements in Palestine, it will fail because the Arabs are not adjusted to it and cannot discard their primitive tools, nor adopt new ideas. Government pressure cannot promote such a movement. Meanwhile, he concluded, a great injustice is being inflicted upon the people who have contributed to Palestine’s development.