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Amazing Prejudice Against Jews in Scotland Clergyman Finds Attributing to It Difficulty in Getting S

He found it very difficult in Scotland to get their Scottish people interested in the conversion of the Jews, the Rev. Dr. James Black, of Edinburgh, complained in an address to the Arbroath and District Office Bearers’ Union of the Church of Scotland. There was an amazing prejudice in Scotland against the Jews, he said, some of it of it absolutely unintelligible and unintelligent. They got people saying: Why give to the Jews – were the Jews not rich enough to do their own work? forgetting that it was to convert the Jews to Christ. The Jews were perhaps the greatest gain the Church could have to-day, Dr. Black argued. The Christian Church would never enter into her own until she had won the Jews. They could go out winning people in the far distant lands, but if they left that great unassimilated mass of materialism right in the home centre, why, they would poison the native springs of love and thought in the Church.