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Over Four Thousand Jewish Immigrants Entered United States in Last Six Months of 1930: 11,915 Jewish

5,991 Jewish aliens were admitted to the United States in the six months ending December 31st., 1930, according to Government figures just published here. Of this number 4,026 were immigrant aliens and 1,965 were non-immigrants. In the same six months 1,151 Jews left the United States, 992 being non-emigrants and 159 emigrants. The increase of the alien Jewish population in this period was 4,840.

While the total number of aliens admitted in December was less than the number departing in the same period, 509 Jewish immigrant aliens were admitted and only 29 Jewish emigrant aliens left. The total number of aliens who left exceeded those who came, the incoming aliens being smaller in number than for any month since February 1919. The total number of Jewish immigrants admitted during the fiscal year ending June 30th., 1930 was 11,915.

For the six months ending December 30th., 1930, 229 Jews were refused admission, and 75 were deported while for the fiscal year ending June, 1930, 275 were debarred and 164 deported.