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Dispute over Appointment of Rabbi in Polish Town Leads to Shooting Between Agudists and Others Outsi

Following a dispute between members of the orthodox group belonging to the Agudah and Zionists and others in the town of Lukov, in the district of Siedlce, a young Jew named Gershon Slizak, 20 years of age, was shot at and seriously wounded by a revolver shot fired by Jacob Gruenblatt, 45 years of age, who is reported to be an adherent of the Agudah.

The Jews of Lukov had to elect a Rabbi. The Zionists, Mizrachists, and the organisations of Jewish artisans and merchants go their candidate elected. The Agudists refused to recognise the new Rabbi and appointed another Rabbi of their own. The President of the Lukov Zionist Organisation, speaking over the telephone to-day with the J.T.A. here said that the Agudah was warned that their Rabbi would not be admitted to the Synagogue. Heedless of the warning they brought him to the synagogue on the Sabbath for the service, and a dispute broke out at the entrance. Gruenblatt pulled out a revolver and shot at Slizak, who is a non-partisan. The police have opened an enquiry.