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Split in Polish Zionist Movement over Negotiations with British Government: Revisionists and Et Libn

The representatives of the Revisionists and the Et Livnoth walked out as a protest from the meeting of the Zionist Party Council to-day when it adopted a resolution moved by Deputy Gruenbaum, the leader of the Al Hamishmar Party, who is also President of the Polish Zionist Organisation, that the Polish Zionists should be representd on the Political Commission of the Zionist World Organisation which is acting together with the Zionist Executive in the negotiations in London with the British Government.

Deputy Gruenbaum spoke for three hours on the political situation, in urgin his resolution. Mr. Kutzenok, on behalf of the Revisionists, contended that the Central Committee of the Polish Zionist Organisation does not represent the feelings of the Polish Zionists, and he demanded that another All-Polish Zionist Conference should be held, to accept the resignation of the Central Committee.

Dr. Gottlieb, on behalf of the Et Livnoth, questioned the right of Deputy Cruenbaum to represent the Polish Zionists. The Et Livnoth, he declared, is on principle opposed to participation in the Political Commission.

We, too, demand that Dr. Weizmann should resign, Deputy Gruenbaum declared in his reply, but we support Dr. Weizmann in his struggle with the outside forces.

As a result of the secession of the Revisionists and the At Livnoth, the Polish Zionist Party Councal consists now only of members of the Al Hamishmar Party.