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German Hitlerists Active in America: German Language Paper Reveals Attempt by New York Hitlerist Org

The German Hitlerists, whose organisation in the United States was disclosed by the J.T.A. recently, is getting active here, the “Freie Zeitung”, a German-language newspaper published in Newark, New Jersey, reveals in the course of an editorial article, in which it speaks of an attempt which the New York Hitlerist Organisation has been making to dictate its policy.

After writing about the group, the paper says, it received a visit from a number of its members, who then sent a letter, where they write: If it is distasteful to you to retract this article, which we can understand, we shall send you an article which you could publish as an editorial in your paper. We should regard this as perfectly satisfactory, and as for yourselves it would be a much better way of putting yourselves in the right.

We have not come to such a pass, the paper comments, that the Press here, German or any other foreign-language press, should have to submit to the dictatorship of any German party, least of all a party whose members enjoy the hospitality of this country, a hospitality which would be denied them if the programme of their own Party were applied to its members here by the United States Government. We hope, it concludes, that the leaders of the New York Hitlerist group will take back home to their clique in Germany at least something of American ways of behaviour.