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Return of Dreyfus Affair Play to Paris Stage Brings Renewal of Antisemitic Demonstrations: Governmen

The Dreyfus Affair play at the Nouvelle Ambigue Theatre, which was withdrawn in the first week of this month on the request of the Police Prefect, after continuous antisemitic disturbances, has with its return now to the same theatre been followed by a renewal of the disturnbances on an even larger scale. Tear gas bombs were thrown and free fights went on in the theatre, the performances, which was broken up several times, not being concluded till after one o’clock this morning. Over 20 people on both sides were arrested.

The Prefect of Police has had an interview to-day with the Prime Minister, M. Laval, who is also Minister of the Interior, and it is believed that the Government will decide to ban the play in the interests of order.

M. Richepin, the author of the play, declares that if this is done, he will transfer the play to Brussels, to show that France is no longer a free country.