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I Shall Not Yield Says Author of Dreyfus Affair Play: Will Produce It Not Only in Paris but in All B

The police are responsible for the withdrawal of the Dreyfus Affair play, M. Jacques Richepin, its author, said to the J.T.A. here to-day in commenting on the position. The police showed themselves inactive in putting down the disturbances, he said, but they were able to exercise pressure upon the manager of the theatre, who yielded to them. I shall find another manager, and I shall produce the play not only in Paris but in all the big cities of France, Belgium and Switzerland. I shall not yield, M. Fichepin said.

Meanwhile, the threats contained in the Royalist papers which were published to-day, before they knew of the withdrawal of the play, show that a more violent move than the distrubances which took place so far had been intended in order to compel the withdrawal of the play. The manager of the theatre and M. Richepin are personally threatened, and a suggestion is made from which it appears that there was a plan to blow up the theatre by means of a bomb.