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Polish Government Seeks to Revive Traditonal Friendly Attitude to Jews Says Vice-minister for Foreig

In seeking to bring about fraternal relationship between the Polish people and the Jewish Community, the Polish Government is really reviving an old tradition, Colonel Joseph Bek, the Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs said in an interview with Mr. Landau. In trying to solve the various difficult problems confronting the State, we find our line of guidance in the past history of our people. In no country in Europe has friendship towards the Jews been so pronounced as in Poland, which invited the Jews to come here in medieval days.

Antisemitism, Colonel Bek said, is really foreign to our national character and has never taken strong roots in our country. The Government is earnestly endeavouring to revive this traditional attitude towards the Jews. Of course, it is not possible to do it overnight, but the foundation has been established. Antisemitism, both political and psychological, have been subdued. The Czarist restrictions have just been abolished. New measures will follow to improve the Jewish economic situation, which, is, indeed, difficult. I hope, he concluded, that you will take away with you the impression that the Jewish situation really engages the serious attention of the Government.