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Reduction of Salaries of Polish Government Officials Will Cut Down Purchasing Power of Thousands of

The Government has after a good deal of thought decided to make a 15 per cent. reduction in the sslaries of all officials, thus effecting a saving of about 200 million zlotys, and it is still left with a deficit of about 100 million, which will have to be covered most likely by increased taxation, the Yiddish daily “Unzer Express here writes. There is no ground, therefore, for Schadenfreude, it proceeds, because we shall soon find ourselves crushed under a new burden of taxation.

At, first sight, the paper continues, it would seem that the Jewish population is not affected by the reductions in official salaries, because the most powerful telescope would fail to reveal any Jewish officials in Poland., Nevertheless, the Jewish population, being largely a trading class, is going to lose very heavily in consequence. The reductions mean that the purchasing power of thousands of people has been reduced and they will be unable to buy as much as hitherto, and Jewish shopkeepers and merchants will lose heavily. The impoverished village has long since ceased to buy anything. Now the town, too, will have to stop buying. 450,000 officials and 65,000 ex-soldiers who draw pensions, will have their purchasing power cut down by 15 per cent. and over two million people will ultimately suffer, among them, of course, thousands of Jewish traders.