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Sir John Chancellor to Represent British Government with Dr. Drummond Shiels at League of Nations Ma

The High Commissioner, Sir John Chancellor, who is now on his way to London, will be the British Accredited Representative accompanying Dr. Drummond Shiels, the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies, at the meeting of the Permanent Mandates Commission of the League of Nations, opening in Geneva on June 9th., not the Chief Secretary to the Palestine Government, Mr. Young, the Hebrew daily “Haaretz” reports. Mr. Young, it says, is remaining in Palestine as Acting High Commissioner.

In consequence of the decision of the last session of the League of Nations Council held in January not to summon an extraordinary meeting of the Mandates Commission, the consideration of the White Paper and the Hope-Simpson Report will be taken up by the Mandates Commission only at the June ordinary session. The members, it has been explained, will by then have had ample time to study the new Government letter of interpretation addressed by Mr.MacDonald to Dr. Weizmann in February, which reached the League of Nations Secretariat by the end of that month, for distribution among the members of the Mandates Commission and the League of Nations Council. In the case of the White Paper itself, which the new MacDonald letter interprets officially, the Mandates Commission had to postpone its consideration because it had been received by the members of the Commission “only a few days before the opening of the session, too late for their perusal”.