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Shechita Prohibition Asked for by Parliament in Brunswick Only German State in Which Hitlerists Stil

On the proposal of the Hitlerist Fraction and the Citizens’ Unity Party, the Brunswick Diet has called upon the Government to introduce a bill for the prohibition of Shechita in Brunswick.

Now that Dr. Frick has been eliminated from the Thuringian Government, Brunswick, where the Hitlerist, Dr. Franzen, is the Minister of the Interior and Education, as Dr. Frick was in Thuringia, is the only State in Germany in which the Hitlerists participate in the Government.

The question of Shechita is not one to be dealt with separately by each of the separate States constituting the German Republic, but must be decided by the Reichstage, the Federal Parliament of the entire German Republic, the majority of the speakers in the Baden Diet urged in the course of a debate held there this week, on a motion for the prohibition of Shechita introduced by the Hitlerist Fraction, which was defeated.

Any proposal made by Hitlerists for prohibiting Shechita is dishonest, they further contended, because while they condemn the alleged cruelty to animals of the Jewish method of slaughtering, the Hitlerists are themselves the most inhuman inciters to violence and war.