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Anti-jewish Attacks in Berlin Were Systematically Organised by Hitlerist Storm Troops Police Evidenc

Further proof that the attacks made on the big Jewish stores in the fashionable West End shopping district inland around the Leipzigerstrasse, on the day of the opening of the Reichstag last September, has been obtained by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Berlin Police Force, with the arrest to-day of another five persons who took part in the excesses and who have admitted that they were members at the time of the Hitlerist Storm Troops.

The Hitlerist Storm Troops belonging to the Berlin suburb of Brandenburg, they state in their depositions, marched out in military formation, under the command of their troop leader, in order to join in the engagement. The Party Treasury, they further state, paid their fares to the scene of the attack.

The Political police Department has also established that the attack made on the Cafe Dobrin, which is owned by a Jew, and where a large number of Jewish customers were beaten by the rioters, was organised by three members of the Hitlerist Storm Troops. The Storm Troopers, it is stated, stole all the silver plate in the Cafe.

There is evidence against one of the Hitlerists who has just been arrested that he attacked and injured Jews who were passing in the Friedrich Ebert Street.