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Minister of Justice in Roumania Issues Order to Arrest Cuzist Agitators: Established That They Are C

The Minister of Justice, M. Hamangiu, has established that the Cuzists are conducting a dangerous incitement campaign under the cloak of election propaganda, and he has therefore issued instructions to all local authorities to take immediate steps to deal with agitators under the Marzescu anti-incitement law, enacted by the former Liberal Minister of Justice, M. Marzesou, by putting them on trial on the charge of incitement to revolutionary disorder, and sentencing them with all the rigour of the law.

The students in Bucharest have launched a protest against the President of the Roumanian Students’ Organisation standing as a candidate on the Cuzist list in the district of Orhei. His candidature is purely personal, they declare, and in no way involves the Students’ Organisation.