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Palestine Arab Executive President Moussa Kazim Pasha Resigns: Age and Ill Health Given As Reasons B

Moussa Kazim Pasha el Husseini, the President of the Palestine Arab Executive, has resigned his position, on account of age and ill-health.

He is a national figure, the head of the movement to which he has given his life, the Palestine Arab organ “Al Hayat” says in announcing his resignation this evening.

According to a reliable source, Moussa Kazim Pasha’s resignation is due to political differences, especially in connection with the Arab attitude on the development plan.

The question of his successor, it is expected, will be decided shortly at a special meeting of the Palestine Arab Executive. The most important candidates are Jemal Husseini and Auni Bey Abdul Hadi, the former the chief supporter of the Grand Mufti, and the latter more independent, more moderate, and generally considered anti-Mufti.