Klu Klux Klan Still Alive in America: Parade Held Against Jewish Lawyer
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Klu Klux Klan Still Alive in America: Parade Held Against Jewish Lawyer

Klu Klux Klansmen, roosd but unmasked and led by three figures bearing the American flag and a fiery cross, paraded last night at Shreveport, in the State of Louisiana, in protest against the “reign of. Sidney L. Herold”, a prominent Jewish attorney and Zionist leader in the city. Mr. Herold, a close friend of and adviser to the Public Safety Commissioner, Mr. Thomas C. Dawkins, told Mr. Dawkins a few days ago that his order to remove the name of the police chief, Mr. D. D. Brazer from the city’s payroll was legal.

Dawkins and Brazer have been at war for several weeks over police authority, and the order to remove the police chief’s name from the payroll followed his refusal to resign. Commissioner Dawkins has refused to become excited over the parade in which about 200 persons participate, terming it merely a proposition to help Brazer.

Mr. Herold, who is President of the Shreveport Zionist region, is a former President of the Louisiana and Shreveport Bar Associations. He was Chairman of the Committee on the Bill of Rights of the Louisiana Constitutional Convention, which wrote the State’s present Constitution. He was also zone President of the Southwestern States in the last drive of the Joint Distribution Committee.

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