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World Federation of General Zionists: Jewish National Home in Palestine with Jewish Majority

The establishment of a World Federation of General Zionists was ended by the representatives of several Zionist groups in various parts of Poland at a Conference held in Cracow on the initiative of the Organising Committee formed at the Sixteenth Zionist Congress held in Basle in 1929 for the purpose of organising such a World Federation. Mr. Leon Levite, Dr. M. Hindes, Dr. Rosenblatt, Dr. Schmorak, Rabbi Levin, Professor Tubs, Dr. Schwartzbart and Dr. Feldblum were among those present at the Conference.

The creation of a Jewish National Home in Palestine with a Jewish majority; priority of Jewish interests transcending the sectional interests of any particular groups; the concentration of all the forces of the Jewish people; and the organisation of private initiative parallel with the work of the Haluzim, are among the resolutions adopted by the Conference.

All the Zionist organisations represented at the Conference declared their readiness to join the new World Federation. Questions affecting the for thooming Zionist Congress and the leadership of the Zionist movement were also discussed.