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Christian Conception is God Did Not Create People but Nations Therefore Fight Against Jews is Justif

The Christian conception is that God did not create people as individual human beings, but as nations, and therefore it is not true to say that all people are equal, Pastor Ettwein, a Protestant clergyman at Laichingen, in Wurtemburg, declared in speaking at a Hitlerist meeting there. There is every justification, he urged, for the fight which we are conducting against Jewish domination. The Jews came into our house as guests and now they are trying to become our masters. It is the duty of a civilised people to fight against any such attempt.

The “Vossische Zeitung” in reporting the Pastor’s speech, complains that the Protestant Church is not following the example of the Catholic Church, which is conducting a relentless war against Hitlerism as an anti-religious movement, and that in some places the Protestant Church is showing considerable favour to Hitlerist propaganda.