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Hitlerism Means Destruction of Protestant Church Says German School Publication: Party Which Stands

A party which stands on the princople of race, blood, power and violence can have nothing in common with Christianity, says “Die freie deutsche Schule”, a periodical which has a large circulation among teachers in Savaria, in dealing with the question of Hitlerism as it affects the Protestant Church.

Hitlerism, it says, means the destruction of the Protestant Church. There can be no more dangerous idea than for Protestant Nationalist clergymen to think that by entering the Hitlerist Party they can in any way influence the heathen conception of the Hitlerists, and change it to one which is more reconcilable with Christianity.

We should only be weakening this very definite and unambiguous repudiation of Hitlerism by adding any comment of our own, the “C. V. Zeitung”, the organ of the Union of German Citizens of Jewish Faith comments.