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Warsaw Jewish Community Election Results: Only 32 Per Cent. of Voters Go to Poll: Agudah Largest Par

Despite the multiplicity of parties contesting the elections to the Jewish Community of Warsaw, the largest Jewish Community in Europe, and the passion with which the election campaign was conducted, only 32 per cent. of the voters went to the poll to-day. Altogether there were 69,431 votes cast.

The Agudath Israel has been returned as the largest single party in the new Board of the Jewish Community, having obtained 19 out of the total number of 50 seats, while the Zionists come second with 12 seats. The Mizrachi has obtained 4 seats, and the Left Poale Zion 1, so that the Zionists, including the Right and Left wings, have 17 seats in all. The Agudah has gained two seats as compared with the last elections, while the Zionists have lost two, and the Mizrachists and the Left Poale Zion have lost one each.

The other 14 seats are divided among the Religious Non-Party Group 3; the Assimilationists 2; the Democrats 2; the Grodzisk Hassidim 2; the Folkists (Jewish People’s Party) 2; the Chesed Shel Emes 1, the Old Town Inhabitants 1, and the house-owners 1.