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Thousands of New Arrests of Zionists in Soviet Russia: Resolution of Condemnation Adopted by Palesti

A resolution to congratulate the Soviet regime on the Jewish collectivisation activity in which it is engaged which was introduced by the representatives of the Left Poale Zion at the Conference of the Jewish Agricultural Union, now in session in Tel Aviv for the first time since 1926, has been rejected, the Conference adopting instead almost unanimously a resolution declaring itself in support of the Zionist prisoners in Russia. The delegates of the Shomer Hazair at the Conference expressed themselves in favour of both resolutions. The Council consists of 29 members, 23 being representatives of the Palestine Labour Federation, 4 of the Shomer Hazair, and two of the Left Poale Zion.

Thousands of new arrests of Zionist Socialists have been made in Soviet Russia, it is stated in a memorandum by the foreign representation of the Zionist Socialist Party in Russia, which has just been issued in connection with the Conference. The memorandum details some tragic cases of Zionist Socialists who have been arrested and exiled to distant parts of Siberia and Central Asia, many of them being tortured and starved, detained in special isolation prisons for political offenders, or in concentration camps, or working in the mines in places remote from those areas in which the Jewish population is concentrated. The memorandum reproduces copies of documents and letters describing the hardships and tortures to which the prisoners are subjected.