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Future Status of Palestine and Relations Between Jews and Arabs: Points on Which Mandates Commission

The British Government crisis having been averted, removing the danger of a Government defeat in Parliament, Dr. Drummond Shiels, who had received instructions to fly back immediately to London, did not leave Geneva to-day, but will remain here until the Mandates Commission has concluded its discussion on Palestine administration, probably by to-morrow.

The course of the proceedings was comparatively quiet this year, the J.T.A. representative learns. The Palestine Legislative Council question was not dealt with thoroughly, but only touched upon in passing. Dr. Shiels was closely questioned with regard to the future status of Palestine and the relations between Jews and Arabs living together in the country. He was also questioned concerning an alleged Communist Congress said to have been held in Jerusalem, according to reports in the French press recently. Dr. Shiels, the J.T.A. representative learns, also communicated to the Commission his impressions of his visit to Palestine last year.